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Murray Bookchin Video Biography 05 - 1995


Fifth part of the Murray Bookchin interviews conducted by Mark Saunders in 1995. The project was to explore the development of Murray's politics through his personal experiences.

Murray discribes his experience of the 1920's and 30's

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Date: May 1995
Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA
City: Vermont
Crew: Mark Saunders
Original Format - colour, hi8, 8 mins
Language versions - english
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Further Details


56:59 Proletarian Socialism

Petty-Bourgeois and Proletarian Socialism
Anarchism or Socialism
What is needed for Socialism?


57:07 Trade Unions

USA History: Trade Unions

Declaration of Communist Workers Guard

Trade Union


57:18 Spanish Civil War Ending, Second world War Beginning

About the Spanish civil war

57:35 1920/30's Capitalism

The European Enlightenment Glossary

57:49 Stock market / Capitalism

New York Stock Exchange

57:59 American not a class society

Social Class in the United States
How to Save The Middle Class From Extinction

58:08 Lincoln

Biography Of Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Research Site

58:20 Socialism/Communism/anarchism

58:43 American depression

The Great Depression
Great Drepression in the United States
Great Depression
American History - 1930 - 1939
Article: The Social History of an American Depression
Article: Unemployment, Inflation, and Wages in the American Depression: Are There Lessons for Europe?

58:59 Soviet Union, universal employment, Labour camps

Article: Soviet urban households and the road to universal employment, from the end of the 1930s to the end of the 1960s
Lecture 3: The Soviet Union
Work, Income and the State in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1900-2000
Gulag: Forced Labour Camps Online Exhibition
Soviet Gulags

59:30 consciousness

Class Struggle

59:45 American civil war

The American Civil War
American Civil War History Timelines

1:00:10 Marxism

Marxists Internet Archive

1:00:21 Labour mobilization/polarization

Article: Labour Market Polarization and Social Policy Reform
The Polarization Of The U.S. Labour Market
Book: Red Barcelona - Social Protest and Labour Mobilization in the Twentieth Century

1:00:32 Spanish Civil war

1:01:10 Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Biography Of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt Biography

1:01:41 Fascism populism

The People's Party

1:01:49 Huey Long

Huey Long - The Man, His Mission, His Legacy
Huey Long
Social Security Online - Huey Long

1:02:10 Polarization between fascists/populists and radicals

1:02:23 General Strikes

General Strikes
Memories of Glory; G.M. Strike Recalls Era When Cars Were Big, and So Was Union Power

1:02:35 Labour wars


1:03:02 Pre-industrial America

Book: The Origins of American Capitalism
Article: Families & Farms: Mentalite in Pre-Industrial America

1:03:30 Dustbowl Catastrophe - Grapes of wrath

The Dustbowl of America in the 1930's
A Critical Evaluation of the Dustbowl and its causes
The Grapes of Wrath

1:04:01 Political culture in America

1:04:19 Dispossession

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