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Murray Bookchin Video Biography 30 - 1995


Thirtieth part of the Murray Bookchin interviews conducted by Mark Saunders in 1995. The project explored the development of Murray's politics through his personal experiences.

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Date: May 1995
Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA
City: Vermont
Crew: Mark Saunders
Original Format - colour, hi8, 06:24 mins
Language versions - english
Useful link: - http://www.spectacle.co.uk/...

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Further Details


01:27:31 Bookchin decided he was an anarchist.


Spartacus resource on anarchism, its meaning and the concept.

01:28:00 Sinyavsky arrested by Soviet regime.

Wiki - Andrei Sinyavsky

Wikipedia entry on the life of Andrei Sinyavsky.

Andrei Sinyavsky

Literary Encyclopedia entry on Andrei Sinyavsky written by Neil Cornwall.

Trial of Sinyavsky and Daniel

Time Magazine article on the trial of Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuli Daniel, anarchist dissidents arrested by the Soviet government.

New York Times Sinyavsky article

Retrospective article on Andrei Sinyavsky, following his death.

Inside the Soviet Writers' Union

A book by John and Carol Garrard, cited at a section documenting the responsibility for the sentencing of Sinyavsky and Daniel to be sent to Gulag.

Yuli Daniel

Retrospective article by the New York Times on Yuli M Daniel following his death in 1989.

01:28:28 Soviet transition from Joseph Stalin to Nikita Krushchev.

Krushchev - showdown in the Kremlin

Time Magazine article on the power struggle between Krushchev & Malenkov following Stalin's death in 1953.

Stalin's death

A BBC article on the conspiracy surrouding the death of Stalin in 1953.

From Stalin to Krushchev

Tony Cliff's historical analysis of the transition of power in the Soviet Union, looking back on Stalin's death three years on in 1956.

01:28:53 Soviet tanks went into Budapest.

Wiki - Hungarian Revolution

Wikipedia entry on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, which the Soviet Union subsequently crushed.

Global Security - Hungarian Revolution

Article describing the events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

On this day

BBC 'on this day' article of November 4 1956, when the Hungarian Revolution broke out.

Bookchin released 'Arms for Hungary' leaflets.

Bookchin Bibliography.

Janet Biehl's bibliography of Murray Bookchin's works.

01:29:37 Hungarian exiles arranged tour through New England towns.

01:30:06 Sinyavsky and Yuri M Daniel in 1958 sent to the Gulag.

Wiki - The Gulag

Wikipedia entry on the Gulag, the Soviet prisoner camp.

The Gulag

Ibiblio article on the Gulag.

01:30:24 Bookchin's group demonstrated outside Soviet embassy.

01:31:02 Demo was in the name of cultural freedom and democracy, as well as anarchy.


Justification of the famous anarchist Emma Goldman of the merits of anarchy, and how it can be perceived to be the purest form of democracy.


History Learning Site description of the history, working and functioning of all forms of democracy.

Wiki - Anarchy.

Wikipedia entry on anarchy.

01:31:37 Murray Kempton's daughter...covered story.

Wiki - Murray Kempton

Wikipedia article on the famous journalist Murray Kempton.

01:31:32 Emma Goldman last person to raise black flag.

Emma Goldman's biography

From Spartacus.

Emma Goldman deportation

Goldman's deportation from the US during the war.

You Tube - Goldman

Video on the life of Emma Goldman, part 1.

You Tube - Goldman

Video on the life of Emma Goldman, part 2.

01:33:21 Kempton family (famous journalists) - Murray Kempton just published his autobiography

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