Political Theory

Why Work?

“Why work?” is a critique that forges a perspective which cuts through the smoke screen of various specialist concerns around work. The role of work is re-examined to bring out the fundamental issues, often obscured and diffused by separated, isolated ideas of leisure, efficiency, careers, jobs creation, employment and unemployment. Work is a science, a […]


POP68 three screen installation. Unrest by Mark Saunders and Klaus Fried to mark 30 years since May 68. Originally made for a 3 screen installation shown in the lobby of the Lux during the Paris May 68 Thirtieth Anniversary.

Globalisation, Citizenship and the European Project

Filmed during annual INURA (International Network for Urban Research and Action) conference in 2001, Brussels.

Call It Sleep

Call It Sleep is the first visual work produced in the United States which makes use of the situationist technique of detournement – the devaluation and reuse of present and past cultural production to form a superior theoretical and practical unity. Call It Sleep is based on material drawn from the most prevalent means of […]

Are You In A Bad State?

A situationist take on the state and life in general, with the same incisive and easily understandable analysis we all know and love from the ‘Spectacular Times’ creator the late Larry Law. Reviews From Larry Law’s Obituary in Freedom by Mo: Larry Law, writer, publisher and anarchist, died in the early hours of Friday 22nd […]