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All our online training courses are delivered live, through manageable 45-90 min modules and integrated with specialised webinars that address your specific videomaking aims. You can choose between Intensive, Weekend & Night School 
programmes, fitting your learning phasing and time availability in a smart way. 


All courses are split into manageable
45-90 min modules that cover coherent and incremental content, building skills and confidence in videomaking.


Choose the course that fits your needs: from filming with your smartphone to video marketing, from editing to Participatory Video & Social research.


Do it in 3/8 days, weekends or evenings over 15 weeks: choose the programme that fits your availability. If you miss a class you can arrange a free catch-up.


All Spectacle training courses are now available online. Our face to face courses will resume as soon as the pandemic lockdown allows, our online courses will continue. We have complemented our offer with new specialist online webinars and screenings with Q&A. We will continue to develop and launch more online sessions in order to share our extensive experience in audiovisual production, community based documentary making and Participatory Video.

To maintain the content and quality of our training we have made each online course modular by breaking the content down into manageable sessions of 45-90 minutes. We have also re-conceived the practical elements to address the lockdown restrictions currently in place by using smartphones and easily accessible software.

The modules will all be delivered live with additional visual and text materials being provided before or after the sessions as appropriate. You can book separate modules if you are interested only in specific aspects of videomaking.

Online courses reflect the content of our face to face courses by bundling modules and are considerably cheaper than booking the component modules separately.
We have also developed some stand alone additional webinars & screenings that you can book separately.

If you are signing on to a course you will be given a 20% discount for any add-on modules you may want to book.

You can see what the online courses include from the table below.

It is possible to pick and mix as well as booking for one module or one webinar only.
One module or one webinar costs only £35
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General course descriptions can be found on Spectacle Training and detailed content for each online course can be found here below. 

- Smarphone filmmaking
- Video Production
- Video Editing
- Filmmaking
- Video Production for Anthropologists & Social Researchers
- Participatory Video Workshop
- Video Marketing



We have created 3 programmes reflecting 3 different ways you can take our online courses.

The whole course can be completed in 3-8 working days over two weeks (depending on the course).

The whole course can be completed in a series of 2-4 weekends (depending on the course).

Night School
The whole course can be completed in weekly 2.5 hour sessions over 15 weeks. Sessions will be 6.30 to 9.00 pm (London time).

We have developed some stand alone add-on webinars and screenings that you can book separately. If you are signing on to a course you will be given a 20% discount for any add-on module not included in your bundle.

Click on BOOK NOW and fill out the form. When booking your online course choose which programme you want to attend i.e. Intensive, Weekend or Night School and the start month. You will be sent an invoice and you can pay with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Check our payments methods.

Once you have signed up to a course, if you can't make it to a session, it will be possible to arrange to attend modules from other programmes. As the courses cost the same face to face or online, it will also be possible to move from online to face to face in the future, when the lockdown restrictions are lifted, if you prefer.

Check the training calendar for our scheduled Intensive, Weekend or Night School Programmes.


We have developed some stand alone webinars and screenings that will engage with specialist aspects of video production and filmmaking practices. Some are specifically designed to share SPECTACLE's 30+ years experience in video production, participatory video & community media and documentary making in the fields of urbanism and social justice.

Some sessions are designed for audiences aiming to use videomaking skills in specialist fields such as Social Research, Participatory Video (PV) and Video Marketing. The relevant specialist webinars are already included in course bundles.

If you are signing on to a course that doesn't include webinars or screenings that you are interested in attending, you can book them separately at a 20% discount. 

Below you can find a list of webinars and screenings. We will schedule more in the future and we can organise webinars 'on-demand' responding to your suggestions.

Please get in touch at


Smartphone pro: FilmicPro app settings and tools 

Filming Live Events

Videomaking as data collection

Editing as a research tool: treating video as 'data'

Participatory Video Workshop: how to share videomaking

Practicing Participatory Video: commissioned work and grassroot challenges

Editing in Participatory Video: how to share editorial control

Video Marketing: promoting your organisation on video 

Bring video in-house: budgeting, keeping control and outsourcing

Documentary Research


A journey through Spectacle's 30 years experience in Participatory Video

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