Are you part of a team, research group, university department, SME, company, institution, charity, or NGO where a number of people are looking to expand into digital video? 

We can offer bespoke training packages to meet your needs and are happy to discuss your specific requirements. For more information and for a quote please get in touch.


Spectacle can offer one-to-one video-production, video-editing and filmmaking training by appointment. During a one-to-one session we can teach any of the skills covered in our group courses, at a time and to a schedule that suits you.

We can also consult on any aspect of your production or post-production process, technical equipment buying or consultancy for your research or participatory projects.

 Our one-to-one training is uniquely bespoke, we will discuss with you exactly what you need to cover and plan a course to suit you. 


Advice on participatory video projects, bringing productions in-house, shooting to edit, filming equipment, editing, post production, shooting live events and performances, multi-camera shoots, sound recording, work flows, codecs, uploading on-line, buying equipment, budgeting, use of archives, research, copyrights, and much more.


You can work on your own film project as you learn.
You can book sessions by the hour as and when you need them.
You can get the advice you need when you need it.


our rates start at:
£75 per hour for one-to-one
£650 per day for groups up to 4
£950 per day for groups 4 to 10
£50 per day for any additional participant above 10

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