Why Work?

Why Work? - the film

"Why Work?" synopsis
This project asks the question "why work?" and aims to re-examine the role of work in our society. It explores the meaning, uses, development and future of work.

"Why Work?" is 'ludic' (from ludicrous - to play) rather than 'laborious' - the collage of work images will play with 'common place' notions of work, while strong evidence is brought to bear against the common acceptance that work is both painful and necessary for our physical and psychological survival.

This project is a critique that forges a perspective which cuts through the smoke screen of various specialist concerns around work.

The role of work is re-examined to bring out the fundamental issues, often obscured and diffused by separated, isolated ideas of leisure, efficiency, careers, jobs creation, employment and unemployment.

Work is a science, a religion, a culture and a way of life. As a society only five per cent of work is productive or socially useful. And with leisure being so important, why are we working harder than ever?


Just as the content will be a refreshing, new look at an age old problem, so will the treatment be - new and exciting. "Why Work?" will be composed of a dynamic and lively, occasionally humorous, 'scratch and mix' of contemporary images together with interviews from a wide variety of 'practitioners' e.g. school children, pensioners, farmers, bankers and the unemployed, as well as 'theorists' e.g. careers officers, teachers and social scientists.

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