Ecology and Counter-Culture

Murray Bookchin’s distinction between (single-issue, narrowly conservationist, socially conformist) ‘environmentalism’ and (critically systemic, socially radical,) ‘ecology’ is a useful mind tool in counter-acting the abundant blind spots, taboos and myopias of conventional ‘environmentalism’. In his pivotal text Post-Scarcity Anarchism, Bookchin merges the liberatory essences of traditional anarchism and the modern youth culture by way of a socially creative interpretation of the science of ecology:

What is desirable is also necessary. Man’s desire for unrepressed, spontaneous expression, for variety in experience and surroundings, and for an environment scaled to human dimensions must also be realized to achieve natural equilibrium. The ecological problems of the old society thus reveal the methods that will shape the new. The intuition that all of these processes are converging toward an entirely new way of life finds its most concrete confirmation in the youth culture.


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