Collaborate on a Participatory Project

  Participatory Training & Production Hybrid  Are you an NGO or Community Centre or organisation looking to include your participants in the making of compelling videos addressing their interests and concerns? Why not engage them in a participatory video project? … Continue reading

Spectacle Master Class on Participatory Video

Spectacle has been invited to give a Master Class at the Italian National School of Participatory Video and Documentary Cinema. This is the second year this School has run. The School consists of five intensive online weekends from February 26 … Continue reading

Spectacle’s Online Training for Oxford COMPAS Researchers

How Universities Researchers are Adapting Online  Imagine: you’re running an international research network and suddenly – a pandemic hits! All international travel is on hold for up to two years! It’s your worst nightmare. You’ve got researchers who are supposed … Continue reading

Learn Video Online

PROJECT RESEARCH, PROMOTION, DOCUMENTATION, DISSEMINATION, OUTREACH Are you a researcher or activist wanting to learn about filmmaking? Do you need video to document your project or as an outreach tool? Do you want to use video-making to engage your stakeholders … Continue reading

Lost video “Aug 13” on “Battle of Lewisham 1977” found in Spectacle Archive

“Lost” August 13 Battle of Lewisham video found in the Spectacle video archive. Continue reading



Documentary Research

Evening Session: Documentary Research Dates Tuesday 13th May 2014 from 19:00 to 21:30 For more information regarding our courses contact   About the course “Very ethical and honest approach to documentary research at grassroots level.” – Samantha Lasbury “Very … Continue reading

Why Germany Isn’t Rooting Out its Neo-Nazis

            Far-right violence against immigrants has become endemic in parts of Germany and that won’t change anytime soon. The public and the police are too often indifferent to extremism, despite the risk it poses to the country’s reputation. Deep … Continue reading

Mark Saunders talks at INURA 2012

Mark Saunders discusses his work at Spectacle and clip of his current project ‘Bookchin on Bookchin’ is shown. Continue reading

Germany after 1945: A Society confronts Antisemitism, Racism, and Neo-Nazism

The Berlin-based Amadeu Antonio Foundation is organising an exhibition about Antisemitism in East Germany. “Germany after 1945: A Society confronts Antisemitism, Racism, and Neo-Nazism” explores the relationship between the state and the widespread anti-Semitic attitudes in Eastern Germany. Continue reading