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We are a small independent company. We produce and distribute videos. Spectacle offers internships that would suit people who are multi-skilled, self motivated, organised and keen to learn. Sometimes you will be working as part of a small team at others given individual tasks and responsibilities.

We do not currently have any employment opportunities available and when we do we only employ ex placements. If you are interested we are currently taking on people for 20 day (minimum) work experience placements.

Please have a look at our website and blog and if we are the kind of company you would be interested to work with then please take the time to answer the questions on the form bellow and please attach your CV.

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About the placement

Work placements will typically involve approximately 40% running/ assisting, 40% computer based work including editing on Final Cut Pro and/or DVDStudio and Photoshop etc and 20% hands on filming production work.

We only pay work related travel expenses, not for traveling to and from Spectacle. The work experience placement is completely voluntary and unpaid.

During your placement you will be asked to do a variety of tasks including running and assistant jobs but you will also get the opportunity during the placement to get hands on experience in the shooting and/or editing of a project. We will give you the training and support to do this if needed. However this is work experience not on the job training, we need people with a degree of technical competence -so if you lack production and editing skills, or you are looking for fast affordable training you might want to attend one of our training workshops.

Please do not hesitate to send an email if you have any questions.


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