Remote Participatory Workshop in Rostock, Germany

In August 2020 Spectacle developed and ran an online collaborative archive-based participatory workshop in Rostock, Germany. Continue reading

El documental “The truth lies in Rostock” también doblado al castellano.

Ubicado en la antigua República Democrática Alemana RDA, en el distrito de Lichtenhagen, “The truth lies in Rostock” narra los episodios acontecidos entre el 24 y el 25 de agosto de 1992, cuando un grupo de extrema derecha atacó la … Continue reading

The Truth Lies in Rostock and Despite the Sun at ASA14 Decennial: Anthropology and Enlightenment conference

Screening of the documentaries The Truth Lies in Rostock and Despite the Sun are schedule for the ASA14 Decennial: Anthropology and Enlightenment conference running on Saturday 21 June and Sunday 22 June in the city of Edinburgh. Both films, Despite … Continue reading

20 Jahre Rostock-Lichtenhagen

Der 20. Jahrestag der Pogromnaechte von Rostock-Lichtenhagen ist Anlass fuer zahlreiche Veranstaltungen und Projekte in Deutschland. Unter anderem wird mit Filmvorfuehrungen der Dokumentation “Die Wahrheit liegt in Rostock”, an die Ereignisse erinnert. Continue reading

20 years Rostock-Lichtenhagen

Screenings of the documentary “The Truth lies in Rostock” are scheduled for the next weeks in Germany to remember the progroms in Rostock-Lichtenhagen 20 years ago. Continue reading

Accuser les victimes: La version française de La Vérité Meurt à Rostock ressort en DVD

Rostock, ville portuaire d’ancienne Allemagne de l’Est, un week-end de l’été 1992; face à des conditions économiques rudes et un taux de chômage grimpant, de jeunes néo-fascistes s’amassent en bas de barres d’HLM dans le quartier isolé de Lichtenhagen et … Continue reading

Antifa Saar Screening of The Truth Lies in Rostock

Antifa Saar group are organising a screening of the new German version of the Truth Lies in Rostock on Thursday July 7th as part of a campaign to commemorate the murder of Samuel Yeboah, a refugee from Ghana, in 1991 Continue reading

Belfast racist attacks parallel Rostock

The events in Belfast over the last month bear strong parallels with events in Rostock, Germany, in 1992. In Rostock in August 1992 police withdrew while the homes of Vietnamese guest workers were petrol bombed and held under siege by … Continue reading

Collaborate on a Participatory Project

  Participatory Training & Production Hybrid  Are you an NGO or Community Centre or organisation looking to include your participants in the making of compelling videos addressing their interests and concerns? Why not engage them in a participatory video project? … Continue reading

Spectacle Master Class on Participatory Video

Spectacle has been invited to give a Master Class at the Italian National School of Participatory Video and Documentary Cinema. This is the second year this School has run. The School consists of five intensive online weekends from February 26 … Continue reading