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Battersea Power Station Forum Q&A Part 1 - 2010


Part 1 of the Q&A session following the presentation of REO / Treasury Holdings' planning application for Battersea Power Station hosted by the Planning Director Jeremy Castle.

This video is an edited version of the session as part of Spectacle's continuing Battersea Power Station project.

Wandsworth Council are making a decision on the current plan, which includes the construction of luxury flats, a hotel, a riverside park and turning the Grade II listed building into a retail centre, in July.

You can read about the latest developments at Battersea Power Station and the history of the application at Spectacle's Battersea Power Station blog.

The event was filmed by Chris Haines and Nicole Fassihi as part of Spectacle's work placement scheme.

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Date: 31 March 2010
Location: DRCA Community Centre
City: London
Original Format - colour, mini DV, 23 mins
Language versions - english

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