Are British children the poorest?

A Unicef report conducted in 2007 concluded that British children were the most impoverished in the industrialised world. What does this say about our country and how reliable is this report?

For example, whilst Britain came 18th out of 21 when it comes to material wealth, the measure used by UNICEF was to classify anyone living in a household with less than the national average as in poverty. Of course, this means that whilst we may have more children living in such a state as other countries, does not necessarily mean they are poorer than some of the countries who outscored the United Kingdom in the survey. Does this figure say more about the extravagent wealth of some than the poverty of the many?

Ranking just a position above the UK was the USA, which is a matter of serious interest, with Germany’s position in the middle reaches of the table meaning three of the most vibrant world economies fail to provide an adequate basis for their children to prosper. What do you make of this report? Is it cause for concern, or a case of lies, lies and statistics? According to the BBC, to newspapers etc, we are failing our children. Do you agree?

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