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McLibel 2 - 1994


Interview with Mc Libel Two, Dave Morris and Helen Steel.

Interview with Mc Libel Two, Dave Morris and Helen Steel.

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Date: 1994
Scene 1: Interview with Dave Morris and Helen Steel
Original Format - colour, u-matic, 20 mins
Language versions - english

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Further Details

The Mclibel case has particular relevance today with the Tesco Lotus criminal libel action against newspaper columnist Kamol Kamoltrakul and former MP Jit Siratranont in Thailand, where it has almost 500 stores - twice the number it had only two years ago. It is demanding an incredible one billion baht ($32.1m) in damages from Jit Siratranont, a former member of the legislative assembly who now runs the Thai chamber of commerce. Kamol Kamoltrakul, an academic and journalist, is being sued for a modest 100 million baht ($3.2m).

Siratranont's offence was to make a speech warning that the firm's rapid expansion in Thailand (where it trades under the name Tesco Lotus) could cause 'serious conflict' unless Tesco made more effort to conciliate small shopkeepers. 'The large-scale expansion of the big retailers must be exercised with great care - not too aggressively and too rapidly - to reduce the potential tension,'he said.

- 'Private Eye. No. 1207. 4 April - 17 April 2008'.

Tesco Lotus sues 2 Thai citizens rights advocates - jotman.blogspot.com

Tesco?s billion-baht defamation suits threaten free speech in Thailand - freeexpressionasia.wordpress.com

Every little helps - http://www.pulpmovies.com/gagwatch/category/asia-pacific/thailand/

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