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Rostock Video Workshops - 1991


Spectacle open video workshop in Rostock. The week long programme of workshops were designed to establish an independent community based media group and to document the effects on the city from unification.

After the unification of Germany all the East German media was taken over or replaced by western media. This series of open workshops were designed to establish an independent community based media.

All participants were beginners.

For filming exercises we concentrated on how the unification was changing the physical urban landscape.

The group that was created from this workshop became Jako Media Co-op. It was with this group that Spectacle made the Truth Lies in Rostock a year later.

Travel funding was via the British Council.

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Date: 14 October 1991
City: Rostock, Germany
Event: Herbst Salon
Original Format - colour, hi8, 1000 mins
Language versions - english

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Further Details

First session, included interviews with all the workshop members about their experiences, hopes and fears during the unification of Germany.

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