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Swimming Against the Tide - 2005


Swimming Against the Tide, an Organisation Workshop Conference, explores how to make regeneration funding stick by using the "Organisation Workshop" method to release the economic potential of communities.

National Launch of the Organi


Glenn Jenkins

Dr Raff Carmen

Isabel and Ivan Labra

Gavin Anderson

Ben Merrick

Bernie Ward

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Date: 23 March 2005
Location: Friends House
City: London, England
Crew: Silwood Video Group
Organisation: Organisation Workshop
Event: Organisation Workshop Conference
Scene 1: Introduction Glenn Jenkins Marsh Farm Community Outreach
Scene 2: Ben Merrick Social Exclusion Unit
Scene 3: - Bernie Ward New Economics Foundation, Plugging the leaks
Scene 4: - Dr Raff Carmen Organisation Workshop Method
Scene 5: - Ivan and Isabel Labra, Gavin Anderson
Original Format - colour, mini DV, 400 mins
Language versions - english

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Order Catalogue No. OW010-17 - BITC - en - pal via email

Further Details

3 camera shoot. conference ran from 10.00 am to 2pm.

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