Shaker Aamer: A Decade of Injustice

Shaker's Progress: Updates


February 2012 - Tuesday 14th marked 10th anniversary of Shaker's detention, which was marked in England by a series of protests, and in Guantanamo by a hunger strike.

2012 - Tory MP for Battersea, Jane Ellison, wrote to Barack Obama to urge for Mr. Aamer's release.

May 2011 - Students of University of St Andrews protest for the release of Aamer.

February 2011- Amnesty international calls Aamer's ongoing incarceration a "mockery of justice" and denounced the "cruel limbo" he has been left in.

February 2011 - The Guardian reported that people had sent 12.000 emails to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UK MP's in support of Aamer.

December 2010 - Hundreds took to the streets in London near the US embassy to demand Aamer's release.

August 2010 - Protesters disrupted a meeting that discussed plans to create a US Embassy near Battersea, the home of Mr. Aamer.

January 2010 - Shaker's 12-year-old daughter Johina wrote a letter to Gordon Brown asking for his release.

2007 - A leaked internal ministerial memo showed the UK government was actively assisting the US to achieve Aamer's permanent removal to detention in Saudi Arabia.

September 2006 - Aamer's attorneys filed a 16 page motion arguing for his removal from isolation in Guantanamo Bay prison. The motion alleges that Aamer had been held in solitary confinement for 360 days at the time of filing, and was tortured by beatings, exposure to temperature extremes, and sleep deprivation, which together caused him to suffer to the point of becoming mentally unbalanced.

June 2006 - The same day three fellow prisoner died in Guantanamo, Shaker said that he was beaten for hours and subjected to interrogation methods that included asphyxiation. Aamer said that he was strapped to a chair, fully restrained at the head, arms and legs. Interrogators pressed on pressure points all over his body: his temples, just under his jawline, in the hollow beneath his ears. They inflicted pain to his eyes, bent his fingers until he screamed and when he screamed they cut off his airway and put a mask over him so he could not cry out. This allegedly took place at the same site where the three other men died.

2005 - Shaker organised and participated in a hunger strike. Organising strikes in this way is one of the few means prisoners have to assert any authority their humanity grants them and assert any control over their conditions.

February 2002 - Shaker was transferred to Guantanamo Bay, as one of the first prisoners to be held in the U.S. Naval base.

November 2001 - Shaker was seized by the Northern Alliance and handed over to the Americans. He spent the first months of his detention in Bagram Theater Internment Facility, Afghanistan.

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