Battersea Power Station Planning Application deadline 31st January

Objections to the Battersea Power Station Planning Application must be in by 31st January and there is plenty to object to.

Battersea Power Station obscured by tall ugly buildings

Battersea Power Station to be obscured by tall ugly buildings

The developers REO/Treasury Holdings want to:

Demolish the historically interesting and currently listed Pumping House.

Demolish the chimneys and replace (yeah right) with some kind of plastic replicas.

Build some of London’s ugliest and greediest office monstrosities.

Privatise large sectons of land around the power station.

Knock windows into the Power Station so they can build “luxury” flats.

The vast planning application contains many real hidden horrors, obscured by red herrings such as the Battersea extension of the Northern Line which is never going to happen and the ridiculous roof top swimming pool added to the model at the last minute.

You can register your objections on-line

Details of the Power Station project application can be found on the Planning pages of Wandsworth Council’s website by searching the applications database using reference numbers below or follow our links:

Ref: 2009/3575  Battersea Power Station Site / Offices Exhibition Suite and Premise

Click here to object/comment on 3575

Ref: 2009/3576   Alter or Extend a Listed Building, the demolition and reconstruction of the chimneys, new windows and other openings.

Click here to object/comment on 3576

Ref: 2009/3577    Repair, restoration, installation of structures on, and other works to the jetty in association with its conversion to provide pedestrian access and a river transport facility

Click here to object/comment on 3577

Ref: 2009/3578   Demolition of Battersea Water Pumping Station a listed Building

Click here to object/comment on application 3578

We will be updating this blog this week with more information on the planning application and suggestions for model letters.

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