‘Justice and Security’ Bill to Silence Civil Courts

A new bill proposed aims to silence future court rulings involving secrets sensitive to the government, such as British Intelligence collusion in torture.

It is claimed that the bill will allow for better disclosure within the courts, whilst silencing the coverage of discussions, but the realities of this seem to be a move towards secreet courts.

This comes after secrets surrounding the torture and degrading conditions imposed on UK residents in Guantanamo Bay were discussed openly in court, after the High Court ruled that information disclosed by the CIA to MI5 and MI6 was to be released.

The bill will mean that future hearings won’t have the publicity they once did. Yet another sheet to cover the dealings of international governments from society.

Whether or not the truth behind Guantanamo’s conditions will ever be publicly admitted to or not seems continually unlikely; giving those campaigning for Shaker Aamer’s release another hurdle to overcome in the fight for justice.

For more on the bill, read The Guardian’s article and Parliament’s Official Page

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