Is ‘poverty’ a financial term?

We think of poverty as a state of being without money. But is this too narrow a scope?

Can poverty be a psychological thing, affected more by feelings of uselessness, worthlessness and being undervalued and ignored by society? Is it possible that two people living on minimum wage can have a different stance on their situation? One being happy with their lot, the other desolate and desperate.

Ultimately, can we limit the affect and definition of poverty to this financial conception we hold, or is it merely a state of mind?

One thought on “Is ‘poverty’ a financial term?

  1. People CAN choose a quality of life over money.

    For example, Some mothers might choose only a part-time job even when their partner doesn’t make enough money. She is choosing to look after her children over working long hours.

    This might not be a finanically beneficial decision but… it may be very advantages on over levels.


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