Digital Video Production and Editing for NGOs, Charities and Community Organisations

We offer video production and editing training suitable for charities, NGOs and community groups who want to learn to produce their own video content to document and promote their work, to raise awareness, fundraise or campaign.

Our Four Day Filmmaking Course is just £500, it’s probably the cheapest option around and we believe it’s the best too, based on the feedback we receive from participants. The course aims to introduce participants to every stage of the documentary filmmaking process, so that afterwards they’re in a position to build on their skills on their own. Once you or your staff have learned to make your own video content you will be able to do this again and again, saving on the cost of hiring a film crew

There is an ever-increasing demand for high quality online video to get your message across and to reach audiencesDIY film making and successful use of no/low budget techniques can slash your production costs and actually improve the content you produce. Training existing staff or volunteers in the techniques of high quality digital film making is far more cost effective than hiring a film crew. But in addition to this, when people working on the ground record their own activities and events, capture client testimonials and document their work you can often get better results than with a hired film crew of strangers. Where your staff have built relationships and trust with your clients they can film more relaxed and interpersonal moments – moments that might elude an external film crew, making for a more direct and powerful film.

If you work in remote locations or developing countries, training your own staff to record their work could be particularly beneficial, potentially saving you a lot of money and ensuring your organisation achieves an end result which accurately reflects the nature of the project.


Mark Saunders is an award-winning independent film-maker, media activist and writer. His expertise in the field spans over two decades.

He is currently running Spectacle Productions, a company which he founded in 1990. Clients have included Amnesty International, Channel 4, the Rowntree Foundation, the Howard League for Penal Reform, Council of Europe, Groundwork, the London Health Commission, and many others.

His films have been broadcast internationally and exhibited at galleries, including Tate Britain, the National Film Theatre, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Musee des Beaux-Arts,  the National Media Museum and the Photographers Gallery.

Alongside production work, in 1990 he was a founding member of INURA (International Network for Urban Research and Action). Mark has also been teaching for over 15 years, and has been a visiting lecturer at a number of institutions, including London School of Economics, the Royal College of Art, the London College of Communications, Bournemouth, Florence, and Coventry Universities. He is currently teaching at Birkbeck College.

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One thought on “Digital Video Production and Editing for NGOs, Charities and Community Organisations

  1. Hi
    I am a member of a NEW designated Neighbourhood Forum in Leeds West Yorkshire a Non Profit community Group.
    The Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum ,need to engage the community residents and businesses’ of Graforth which is a Non Parished area on the out skirts of Leeds Metropolitan Council to inform and enlist community involvement to address the future of Garforth and it’s green space, suitable Housing, education, health & Care needs,Road and transport infrastructure coordination etc. providing opportunities for all with access for all.

    We are aware of a video/film put together by a group in Bristol, The Winston forum group and would like to see if Garforth can produce a similar media opportunity ?
    Garforth has approx. 10000 dwellings and a population of between 18 & 20 K.

    The community has been neglected over the past 5 decade’s, and does not have access to Parish CIL ( Local Authority Community Investment Levies) payments or Precepts paid via council taxes, therefore limited financial resource and we are applying to “The Great lottery Fund” for funding to help produce a film/ dvd to put out on multimedia Facebook, street life etc. in the community.
    A story of the need for local democracy allowing “community voice” to address the 41% increase expected in population and how the community needs to take control of development of Garforth and to inform the community of Leeds City Councils intention to develop open space green land.
    Leeds want to hit Garforth with the Biggest housing developments in the whole of the Leeds conurbation.
    How much would a 1/2 film cost to produce and can this be done by volunteers and what sort of equipment costs would be needed.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated !

    Many Thanks
    Alan Tynan
    Mob 07850756903

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