Video Editing

This course will give you a sound knowledge on the craft of editing videos.

It will introduce you to Adobe Premiere Pro functions and tools as well as presenting industry workflows and strategies to edit virtually every type of video.

It is also included in our longer courses (Filmmaking, Video Marketing, Participatory Video). 

Video Editing

Upcoming Course Dates

- March 14, 15, 17 ,21 (Half-day 15:00-18:30 London time)
- May 23, 24, 26 (Intensive)
- June 15, 17, 21, 23 (Half-day 15:00-18:30 London time)

Video Editing 

“I had no previous knowledge of the software, so I would have been completely scared of trying things on it — the course felt just right to begin this exploration and the information on codec and export was particularly helpful” - Sophia

Video Editing Modules 

Story telling
Shot list
Use of Archive

Intro to Premiere Pro
What is non-linear editing?
Understanding the software
Premiere Pro architecture
Basic tools and functions

Industry phases and roles: assistant editor, online and offline editor
Getting ready: backing up, importing media

Assistant Editor
Setting Up a project
Cataloguing your rushes
Selecting clips

Off-line editing
How to efficiently achieve your 'fine cut'
Use of sequences: themes
Channels: inserting and layering

Online Editing 
Editing sound
Effects and transitions
Resizing clips
Key frames
Animating still images
Creating captions
Fixing clips: color, cropping

Exporting and Sharing
Rendering and exporting
Video platforms and social media

Course Conclusions and Q&A

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