Why Work?

James Hillman interviews

James Hillman, Director of The Jungian Institute and Writer & Psychologist talks about his views and beliefs on work.

Soul Needs
People are looking for work that gives a sense of satisfaction and value (soul needs). In the modern workplace money has become a substitute for these things; people's sense of worth now completely depends on their salary.

Instinct to Work
People have a natural instinct to want to work. They don't want to be inactive, they naturally want to feel like they're being productive and using their skills.

Instinct VS Work Ethic
What is it that is getting in the way of people's natural instinct to want to work? Is it lack of pay? An unsatisfying job, with only the promise of money to keep you going? Feeling a lack of importance within their company?

Work is Boring
The typical complaint that work is boring and tedious is our way of setting up work as a specialisation.

God of Typing
What makes work boring is that it's essentially monotheistic: you do one job, with one set limit of parameters every single day, and worship one God - the God of Typing.

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