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Silwood missing sculpture Neighbourly Encounter - 2002

Still from Silwood missing sculpture Neighbourly Encounter


A large bronze sculpture called 'Neighbourly Encounter' used to be sited in the centre of the Silwood Estate in the 1960s and 70s. It was removed in the 1980s for renovation.

Since then, the statue has disappeared.

We would like to trace 'Neighbourly Encounter' and bring it back to Silwood.

In 1958 as a local youngster David Grist and his sister acted as models for the sculpture. David still has cuttings about the unveiling of the Silwood sculpture in 1964. He and local historian Tony McTurk visit the site.

If anyone has any memories of the sculpture please contact us info@spectacle.co.uk

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Date: 2002
Location: Silwood
City: London
Organisation: Magpie centre
Scene 1: David Grist ( model) and Tony McTurk local historian at site
Original Format - colour, mini DV, 60 mins
Language versions - english

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