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Be Happy, Be Healthy - 2002

Still from Be Happy, Be Healthy


Video made by the members of LOOP (Lifestyle Opportunities for Older People) on the positive impact of the group on the lives of residents of the Silwood Estate.

At the time the video was made the group had heard it was under threat of losing its funding.

Sadly "the group" or at least its name and the funding has migrated to another New Deal area leaving the founding Silwood residents of LOOP high and dry.

Today, four years later, many of the ex-LOOP members are currently active members of the Silwood Video Group, this production done as a Spectacle Video Workshop first introduced the LOOP members to video and computer technology.

You can see other examples of their work at:

link to LOOP Keep Fit DVD

link to Silwood Video Group DVDS

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Date: 2002
Crew: Loop/ Spectacle
Organisation: Loop/ Spectacle
Original Format - colour, mini DV, 11 mins
Language versions - english

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