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Murray Bookchin Video Biography 15 - 1995

Still from Murray Bookchin Video Biography 15


Fifteenth part of the Murray Bookchin interviews conducted by Mark Saunders in 1995. The project was to explore the development of Murray's politics through his personal experiences.

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Date: May 1995
Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA
City: Vermont
Crew: Mark Saunders
Original Format - colour, hi8, 15 mins
Language versions - english
Useful link: - http://www.spectacle.co.uk/...

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Further Details

2:03:44 Speaking to Workers

2:05:13 Educator Awakens Ideology

2:07:51 Imagination Must Be Informed By Reason

2:08:28 Nuremberg Rallies

Wiki: Nuremberg Rally
Nuremberg Parteitag Rallies

2:09:27 Pragmatic Approach

Wiki: Pragmatism

2:09:45 Privatism

Wiki: Privatism

2:10:52 First Public Address

2:11:49 Police Presence atPpublic Addresses (validate 1st amendment right)

Wiki: List of amendments to the American Constitution

2:13:22 Young Pioneers Meetings

The Story of the Young Pioneers

2:14:02 Dangers of Fascism & Imperialist War

2:15:15 Circulation Radicalist Newspapers

2:15:43 Challenges From Socialists & Trotskyists

2:15:52 Hostility From Patriots

2:17:33 Meetings Disappear at Start of Second World War

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