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Murray Bookchin Video Biography 38 - 1995


38th part of the Murray Bookchin interviews conducted by Mark Saunders in 1995. The project was to explore the development of Murray's politics through his personal experiences. Murray on his development of anarchist ideas.

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Date: May 1995
Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA
City: Burlington, Vermont, USA
Original Format - colour, hi8, 21.5 mins
Language versions - english
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02:34:34:16    1930s Marxist-Leninist but Stalinism is counter revolutionary.

02:34:35:18    Not sorry that he went from Stalinism to Trotskyism

02:34:58:09    National anthem was the Internationale


Internationale music and lyrics

02:35:24:13    In an era like this one should be a Stalinist until one became sufficiently mature

02:36:10:01    Believes in the workers movement

02:37:34:11    Hungary was always involved in 1950s

02:37:49:02    Did not know what a national struggle and what was a social struggle, what was a class struggle and what was an attempt to resist Solvient imperialism

02:38:19:00    1970s, 1980s - following D-day, the amount of nuclear energy, nuclear bombs and fire power the bourgeoisie had they could hold the state

02:39:00:01    Talks about Louis XVI

Louis XVI- Brief information

Louis XVI- Wiki

02:39:22:15    Had to re-create a new political sphere counter to that of the state.

02:40:21:18    How was this to be created? How were they going to talk to a public? Conferences were held.

02:43:43:08    1971 wrote an article titled 'spring offenses and summer vacations' - it was a spoof on the new left.

02:45:16:01     Views about paying taxes

02:26:01:09    Creating a politic by engaging the society- using forms of the media

02:46:35:23    Being an anarchist- his views and thoughts. 

02:47:14:02    Came to Paris during the May/ June event

May & June 1968 in France

France 1968- Wiki

France 1968- May, June

France 1968- May, June

02:48:49:22    Underground newspapers

02:49:18:03    Affinity groups unknown by the Americans

02:49:34:24    1970s Anti-Nuclear movement

Anti-Nuclear movement

02:51:31:14    Clamshell movement in new england

Clamshell Alliance

02:52:02:02    Anarchist do not go by consensus

02:53:00:19    The founding of the affinity groups. The introduction of affinity groups and consensus.

Affinity Groups

02:55:02:06    Autonomous society


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