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Marilyn Metcalfe Interview - 2010


Marilyn Metcalfe Interview. - Ecology member of Bordon Area Activity Group (BAAG) Committee.

Interview with Marilyn Metcalfe, a local resident and Ecology member of the Bordon Area Action Group (BAAG) Committee.

Main points;

Concerns with the Eco-town plans with particular emphasis on the wildlife aspects the development could affect.

Discusses the European Protection Land, in particular Woolmer Forest which is a Special Protection Areas (SPAs)

Talks about some areas being Sustainable Areas of Natural Greenspace (SANGS)

Bordon not appropriate for Eco Town as there is only 80 hectares of brownfield site and not situated well to airports and London.

There simply is not enough space for the Eco Town.

Refers to the following:

East Hampshire Biodiversity plan

Habitats Regulation Assessment

Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation

Whitehill Town Council

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)


Please see the Spectacle Blog for the latest on Eco Towns and Villages.





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Date: 24 April 2010
Location: Forest Community Centre, Bordon
Original Format - colour, mini DV, 16:51 mins
Language versions - english

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