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Stephen Heard Interview - 2010


Interview with Stephen Heard from SNUB

Stop Norwich UrBanisation is bringing attention to the problems in the proposal for the Ecotown and how politics and personal reputations have corrupted the process and community.

Stephen is an expert in sustainable living and is a local resident in Norwich and is working with SNUB. SNUB reiterates they are not against urbanisation in areas that require redevelopment.

Ecotown is planning to build on farmland in Norwich. The developers have used 'greenwash' in order to move their plans forward at the expense of the community and not facts. SNUB is exposing the weak developers findings to stave off redevelopment in Norwich.

Transport issues with moving people to the Ecotown have not been realistically looked at in terms of environment. With moving people to these remote locations proposed by Ecotown, people will actually need to invest in private transport i.e. cars causing more pollution. Furthermore, there are no jobs in these areas so residence will need to look outside their community.

Ecotown proposes level 4 for homes sustainability where in 2015 homes will be at level 6.

In addition, Ecotown has not looked at problems with getting clean water.

With the recent change in government, SNUB hopes to be successful in holding off an Ecotown in their community.

Please see the Spectacle Blog for the latest on Eco Towns and Villages

Filmed by Work Placements: Will Caine, Gary Mcquiggin, XiXi Lao

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Date: 15 June 2010
City: London
Crew: Gary, Will, XiXi
Organisation: SNUB
Event: Interview
Original Format - colour, mini DV, 33 mins
Language versions - english

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