London Olympics 2012


Spectacle has been documenting the effects and legacy claims of the London Olympics on East London since before the bid was successful. This project is on-going.

We have an interest in the use of mega projects as a tool to override democratic and accountable planning practices, to grab land and to restructure cities. Particularly when "regeneration" is invoked as a primary aim of those mega projects.

On the following pages are links to video clips, photos and texts of our work in progress. To see all published videos about the Olympics, check out the archive pages.

To find out the latest developments in the Olympics story, please visit the Spectacle Blog.

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Video clips and photos of the Manor Garden Allotments

Photos of the Olympic Blue Wall

Photos of the Waterways around the Olympic site

Photos of the development of Stratford City

Interview with Johnnie Walker about Hackney Marsh

Articles about the 2012 London Olympics

Links to other Olympic video clips

Media from Fog Of Games: Legacy, Land Grabs & Liberty talk

Spectacle Olympic Blog

Olympic related links

="_blank">Interview video clips with local business man Lance Forman





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