London Olympics 2012

Local Businesses and the London Olympics

Lance Forman is managing director of H Forman & Son, a salmon smoking factory, that has been based in East London for over 100 years. In these interviews he speaks about the obstacles his business has had to overcome in connection with the Olympics.

After having build a brand new factory with a grand by the LDA, H Forman & Son were faced with a compulsory puchase order by LDA and the task to relocate, along with 250 other businesses.

About the London Development Agency


Are the Olympics beneficial to local businesses?


Conning the Public...

Also find out about the History of the Forman Smokery,the struggle to find a new site and the final steps of building a new factory.

Acronyms used in the interview:
LDA: London Development Agency
ODA: Olympic Delivery Authority
BOA: British Olympic Association
IOC: International Olympic Committee
AGM: Annual General Meeting


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