Documentary Themes

Spectacle was set up in 1992 and has focused predominantly on documentary production.

Continuing Despite TVs tradition dealing with civil liberty issues, producing films addressing racism, homophobia and social justice and issues of urbanism, regeneration and gentrification.

These documentaries have been broadcast on channel 4 and across Europe, developing participatory media practices as an integral feature, increasing the impact of community-led investigative journalism to bring alternative perspectives, untold stories and unheard voices to a wide audience.

The Truth Lies in Rostock

August 1992 Lichtenhagen estate, Rostock, former East Germany. Police withdraw as fascists petrol bomb a refugee centre and the home of Vietnamese guest workers while 3000 spectators stood by and clapped.


Call me Josse / Appelez-moi Josse / Noem mij Josse

La rénovation urbaine, prévue dans les "contrats de quartiers" bruxellois, contient souvent une vision implicite de la vie d'un quartier et de ses espaces publics.



Residents of St. Josse, innner-city Brussels, comment on their experience of participating in urban regeneration of their neighbourhood.
French with English subtitles


Je vous salis, ma rue

Rue Laeken, the inhabitants and local workers reflect on the gentrification of their neighbourhood, situated between the freshly renovated KVS theatre and the new National Theatre.

These are all projects which have included participatory media elements and community led investigative journalism.

Other documentaries include:

Outside The Law: Stories from Guantánamo

A new documentary telling the story of Guantánamo, focusing on the stories of three prisoners, Shaker Aamer, Binyam Mohamed and Omar Deghayes. A powerful rebuke to the myth that Guantánamo holds “the worst of the worst”.

Listen to Us

A highly disturbing and compelling history of Black people's experiences in the British mental health system. An important contribution to the understanding of institutional racism.


Exodus from Babylon

The utopian Luton based Exodus Collective has met with powerful opposition. This film investigates the intricate web of this opposition and identifies a number of interlocking interests at play.

Exodus Movement of Jah People

Exodus offer working, viable solutions to many of society's stated ills, poverty, crime, drugs, unemployment and the break down of community.

Exodus Extended Mix

Extended version of Exodus Movement Of Jah People, as shown on ARTE. Available in French subtitled, German and Italian Dub versions.

She's a punk rocker

She’s A Punk Rocker U.K. This is a one-hour film Documentary by and about Punk Rock Women. Punk women changed the public face of female. It was very empowering for universal women.


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