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Exodus: Movement of Jah People- Extended Mix - 1996

Still from Exodus: Movement of Jah People- Extended Mix


Extended version of Exodus Movement Of Jah People, as shown on ARTE. Also available in French subtitled, German and Italian Dub versions.

Exodus is a unique urban phenomenon which does not simply confront but intelligently challenges society's assumptions and values. They offer working, viable solutions to many of society's stated ills, poverty, crime, drugs, unemployment and the break down of community. Exodus blend a volatile mixture of rastafarianism, new-age punk and street smart politics. 'We are not drop outs but force outs.'



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French version
German version

作品に登場するエキソドスコレクティブ (Exodus Collectve) と呼ばれるグループはイギリスでのDIYカルチャ−を象徴する団体として知られています。フリーダンスパーティ、家屋の改修や農業など、自給自足のDIYを実践する彼らの活動は世界中で知られています。 本作はエキソドスのメンバーのインタビューやダンスパーティ、警察による妨害などを記録したドキュメンタリーです。 関連項目 RAVE TRAVELLER 踊る旅人


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Producer: Mark Saunders
Edited by: Susanne Askoe
Directed by: Mark Saunders
Camera Operator: Mark Saunders
Original Format: colour, beta sp, 45 mins
Language versions: german, french, italian

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