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Poverty and the Media - 2009


Poverty and the Media is a participatory project examining how the media treats poverty and those affected: Looking at opportunity and exclusion; representation, stigmatisation and stereotyping. Does the media bridge or increase the divide?

Project contributors are residents of Luton’s Marsh Farm Estate, Larkhall in Stockwell and the Pepys Estate, Rotherhithe.
The films produced offer those with first hand experience of these themes,
an unmediated right to reply, with participants involved in all aspects of the production process.


Media Portrayal of Poverty: Views from the community. (5.27mins)
Poverty: Stigma and stereotypes and the role of the media. (6.46mins)
Media and The Portrayal of Wealth: Pressure to purchase. (2.08mins)
Crime In Poorer Communities. (3.42mins)
Community Division and Cohesion: Contribution of the media. (4.01mins)
Poverty and Education: Views from the community. (3.29mins)
Social Change: The potential for the media. (6.33mins)

The Case of Rich Kid, Poor Kid:  
Potential and pitfalls. (12.49mins)
Views of the producer - Interview with Zac Beattie. (16.45mins)

Case of The Tower:
Potential and pitfalls. (13.08mins)


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Edited by: Liz Adams
Directed by: Mark Sauders
Production Company: Spectacle
Funded by: Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Original Format: colour, 35mm, 76 mins
Language versions: english
Useful link: http://www.spectacle.co.uk/...

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