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Battersea Power Station: Selling an Icon - 2015

Still from Battersea Power Station: Selling an Icon


Battersea Power Station: Selling an Icon tells the story of the Power Station from its prominence as a site of industrial power through years of dereliction, speculation and planning blight to the replacement of the chimneys under the current scheme.

Filmed over 15 years, Spectacle's new documentary follows the grassroots campaigns of Battersea Power Station Community Group to preserve the building for the public good. It takes us straight to the heart of the current conservation debate about whether - and how - historic buildings should be preserved, governed, modified or replaced, and 'who' they belong to. 

Battersea Power Station: Selling an Icon is unique in raising awareness to the plight of historic building preservation in an age of aggressive 'big business' redevelopment and gives voice to the local communities, rarely consulted and often overlooked.

The project was made possible by World Monuments Fund through support from American Express.

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Producer: Spectacle
Directed by: Mark Saunders
Production Company: Spectacle
Funded by: World Monuments Fund
Music: Jim Carey
Original Format: colour, mini DV, 35:35 mins
Language versions: english
Useful link: http://vimeo.com/...

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