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It's a Journey - 2004


A joint project working with artist Susan Stockwell and members of the Stockwell Park High School.

A drawing, photo and video project at Stockwell Park School where a group of year 10 pupils, with many languages between them from all over the world discuss what the word journey means to them.

All camera work done by pupils, edit in collaboration with pupils.

Stockwell Park High School

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Producer: Spectacle
Co-producer: Susan Stockwell
Edited by: Polly Nash with the class
Directed by: year 10 pupils
Production Company: Spectacle
Funded by: Lambeth Arts, Annie McCall Heritage Project, Stockwell Studios
Camera Operator: The class
Music: Andre Haye
Original Format: colour, mini DV, 5 mins
Language versions: english
Useful link: http://www.susanstockwell.co.uk/...

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Order Catalogue No. IAJ - dvd - en - pal via email
Order Catalogue No. IAJ - dv - en - pal via email

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