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Spectacle runs workshops, talks, urban tours and screenings in a variety of settings from festivals and community centres to gallery exhibitions. See below for a comprehensive list of upcoming and past events.


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Journal for Northeast Issues 5-6

Publishing – 1 January 2011

The Regeneration Games article by Mark Saunders
Publisher: Projekt Gruppe Hamburg

Website: www.projektgruppe.org/...

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Whose Urban Renaissance?

Publishing – 7 January 2009

Whose Urban Renaissance? An international comparison of urban regeneration strat
Publisher: Published by Routledge
Series: Routledge Studies in Human Geography
Whose Urban Renaissance? An international comparison of urban regeneration strategies. Edited by Libby Porter, Kate Shaw Contributors: Libby Porter and Kate Shaw, Mark Saunders, Ibrahim Gündogdu and Jamie Gough, Tanja Winkler, Tahar Ledraa et al

Website: www.routledge.com/...

Fish 'n' freedom fries: On regeneration and other London Olympic myths

Publishing – October 2008

Olympics – Lessons in Management
Publisher: Icfai University Press
Reprint of the article first published on Eurozine for a journal, provisionally titled "Olympics – Lessons in Management". Publishing date to be announced in 2009.

Website: www.books.iupindia.org/...

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London 2012: For everyone except Londoners

Publishing – June 2008

Interview with Mark Saunders by Bas van de Geyn on the London Olympics and Spect
Publisher: Stichting tijdschrift AGORA
Faculteit Geowetenschappen Universiteit Utrecht
Londen 2012: voor iedereen behalve de Londenaren Dutch article in Agora magazine issue "Holy Land and Olympic Cities" on the London Olympics and Spectacle's media practice. There is a video recording of the full interview available from Spectacle Archive.

Website: www.agoraweb.nl/... 2012

More of Spectacle’s photos tagged with 2012 on www.flickr.com

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The Regeneration Games

Publishing – 3 April 2008

Enough Room for Space
Mark Saunders article on the London Olympics.

Website: www.enoughroomforspace.org/...

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The Regeneration Games

Publishing – 21 September 2007

Living in a bubble: Credit, debt and the crisis
Publisher: Mute Magazine Vol 2 #6
Living in a bubble: Credit, debt and the crisis
Mark Saunders on the debt and displacement the 2012 Olympic Games is bringing to London.

Website: www.metamute.org/...

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Fish 'n' freedom fries

Publishing – 25 May 2007

On regeneration and other London Olympic myths
Publisher: Eurozine
London rejoiced winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games. But who are the real winners? Urban planners, certainly, who have been handed a carte blanche to carry out a programme of urban reconstruction otherwise beyond their wildest hopes and dreams.

Website: www.eurozine.com/...

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Participation, Moteur... Action!

Publishing – 1 February 2007

Stéphane Sadoux on Spectacle's participatory work (French)
Publisher: Environnment No 37
Les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication facilitent la participations aux projets d’urbanisme en Angleterre.

Website: www.regione.vda.it/...

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Lucy+Jorge Orta publication on Silwood Video Group

Publishing – 1 January 2007

An introduction to collaborative practices. Pattern Book

Website: www.blackdogonline.com/...

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Art and Architecture Journal article on Silwood Video Project

Publishing – 2006

Then and Now: The Politics of participation and urban change
Publisher: B+B for Art and Architecture Journal
Winter 05/06
How "art has offered an active space for communities living in areas of redevelopment to communicate their demands and concerns about proposed changes....puts a foot in the door and ask who is calling the shots and draw attention to local interests." B+B

Website: www.artandarchitecturejournal.com

Progressive Planning Olympic bid

Publishing – 1 September 2004

Olympic Graffiti
Publisher: Magazine of the Planners Network
Fall 2004 no 161
Olympic Graffiti- photos and text on athens anti-olympic graffiti. Special Olympic issue with articles on hopeful bidders, New York, Leipzig and misery for Athen's Roma communities.

Website: www.plannersnetwork.org/...

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Publishing – 19 August 1997

Japanese book about rave culture in Europe, India and Japan.
Publisher: Author Eiichi Seino, Publisher Ota Shuppan
Interview with Mark Saunders on rave culture in UK and the Exodus Collective.

Exodus Extended Mix

Website: skyend.org/...

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Publishing – 19 August 1997

Publisher: 著者 清野栄一
出版社 太田出版
Course: 上記リンク参照
著者はSpectacleのMark Saundersに英国のレイヴ、特にExodusについて話を聞いています

Website: skyend.org/...

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DOX, Issue 1

Publishing – 15 April 1994

A review of "The Truth Lies in Rostock" by Mark Saunders and Siobhan Cleary

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Fringe Benefits

Publishing – 17 January 1992

"Frindge Benefits" article on how "The Truth Lies in Rostock" project began.

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