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Spectacle runs workshops, talks, urban tours and screenings in a variety of settings from festivals and community centres to gallery exhibitions. See below for a comprehensive list of upcoming and past events.


Free Talha Ahsan

Exhibition – 8 September 2012

An evening of music, comedy and enlightenment

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Temporary Museum of Stratford

Exhibition – 26 June 2010

Exhibition of artefacts and images documenting the history of Stratford
Venue: London Festival of Architecture
Films from Spectacle's Olympics 2012 project will be screened for three weeks at a temporary museum focusing on the past, present and future of the Olympic site at Stratford. To read more about the project, visit the Spectacle Blog.

Website: www.architecturefoundation.org.uk/...

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London - Delhi Exhibition

Exhibition – 4 February 2010

Private view launching creative media exhibition.
London - Delhi was a project working with young people from Hounslow exploring new aspects of their city and producing films around this. The Spectacle led project looks at the eco-village next to Kew Bridge.

Website: www.watermans.org.uk/... Delhi 2010

More of Spectacle’s photos tagged with Delhi 2010 on www.flickr.com

PTTL & Friends Video Archives

Exhibition – 15 November 2008

Exhition of video archives produced in PTTL/Spectacle workshops
Venue: PianoFabrik, St Gilles, Brussels
Includes: Call me Josse, Je vous salis ma rue. Video stills and films shown on screen visible from the street. Runs until Jan 15 2009.

Website: depianofabriek.vgc.be/...

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PTTL & Friends Video Archives

Exhibition – 15 November 2008

Archive Exhibition, Brussels
Archive exhibition running until 15th January 2009.

Website: www.pttl.be/...

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Real Estate: Art in a Changing CIty

Exhibition – 23 August 2005

London in Six Easy Steps
Venue: Institute of Contemporary Art, London
curated by B+B
Course: Gallery
Focus on interventions, events and critical responses to regeneration and the increasing privatisation of public space in London.

Silwood Video Group dvds, vol 1, 2 and 3 were available on demand during the week long exhibition.

MoneyNations 2 - For people on their way in Europe

Exhibition – October 2000

Curated by Eurovision 2000
Venue: Kunsthalle Exnergasse Wien WUK , Vienna, Austria
Video viewing in gallery of Truth Lies in Rostock, Exodus Extended Mix and other Spectacle videos.

May Day: Communities & Communications

Exhibition – 10 April 1999

Pop68. 3 screen video installation
Venue: Photographers' Gallery
Buy Pop, drink pop, think pop, fizzy pop, flat pop, kill pop, pop pop.

Mark Saunders Klaus Fried

30th anniversary May 68. 6 weeks.

Pop 68. 3 screen installation

Website: www.photonet.org.uk/...

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