Community-led Investigative Journalism


Principle of community-led investigative journalism is that those who have personal knowledge and experience of the subject are not used solely as sources or whistleblowers but have the opportunity to take a more active role in research and development; increasing their own skillbase through participatory media practices and empowering them to influence change.

Media tools can be used to hand some control back to those who have been disenfranchised.Undercover is not necessary when those involved already have insider insight and access to information and witnesses. The impact of this has been recognised in films such as;

Despite the Sun

Battle of Trafalgar

The Truth Lies in Rostock


The emphasis with all of these has been engaging local community within projects and groups. We have been working with residents of Marsh Farm since 1994, Silwood since 2001, Larkhall since 2004, PTTL video group (Brussels) since 2000 and Jako, a cooperative we started in Rostock since 1991.

All of these groups are still active.  








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