Participatory Media

Participatory Media


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Spectacle have 15 years experience of community based media, during this period we have developed practices which encourage the broad participation in the content and technical processes of film production.

We have been working with residents of Marsh Farm since 1994,
Silwood since 2001,
Larkhall since 2004,
PTTL video group (Brussels) since 2000
Jako, a cooperative we started in Rostock since 1991.
All of these groups are still active.

The resulting documentaries have all been assertive tools of empowerment and therefore been met with enthusiasm. The acquisition of skills, particularly where there is a lack of opportunities is an additional attraction. Spectacle takes care to create a social space and tries to make it a happy and creative environment. Residents are stimulated and motivated to keep attending exactly because they get to meet a range of people – perhaps people whom they might otherwise never meet.

Spectacle also extends participation through the use of new media, social networks and blogs.

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