Battersea Power Station

REO Planning Presentation and Q&A

On Wednesday 31st March, 2010, REO / Treasury Holdings conducted a presentation of their plans for the re-development of Battersea Power Station and the surrounding area.

The current plan includes the construction of 3,700 flats, a hotel, a restaurant, a riverside park and a scheme to convert the structure itself into a retail centre. Wandsworth Council are set to make a decision on the application in July.

The plan has attracted controversy as many activists and associated groups have accused REO / Treasury Holdings of delaying the development until the iconic chimneys are deemed 'unsafe' and will have to be demolished. You can read more about the current developments at Battersea Power Station and the history of the planning application at Spectacle's Battersea Power Station blog.

Battersea Power Station Community Group and The Victorian Society are among the organisations who are formally objecting to the plans and have suggested alternatives in the form of exhibitions, community centres and affordable housing schemes.

In this section is the presentation of the plans from the Planning Director, Jeremy Castle, and the subsequent Q&A with local residents which followed.

Presentation by Jeremy Castle, Planning Director of REO

Q&A Part 1 (Discussing affordable housing, overshadowing, parking and schools)

Q&A Part 2 (Discussing private and public space and plans to take down the chimneys)

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