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Bordon Eco Town Interviews with BAAG Members


On Saturday 24th April 2010, Spectacle visited the small town of Bordon in East Hampshire to speak to local residents and councillors about the proposed Eco-town development.

The plans consist of 5000 new dwellings in Bordon built to meet the Government's criteria on 'Eco-towns' as set out in the Planning Policy Statement in July 2009.
The following interviews are from members of Bordon Area Activity Group (BAAG) who are actively campaigning for these plans to be altered due to the sheer volume of houses and new residents.

You can see the Masterplan here as laid out by East Hampshire Council.

Alternatively, please see the Masterplan summarised by BAAG.

For the latest updates on Eco Towns and Villages please see the Spectacle blog.

Jack Warshaw - Local resident and Committee Member of Bordon Area Action Group (BAAG)

Jack discusses his concerns regarding the proposed Eco Town for Borden with a particular emphasis on how the local Council has been misleading in the information given to residents. Jack suggests alterior motives may be behind the development which when looked at deeper, has many aspects which are not eco friendly.

Marilyn Metcalfe - Local resident and Committee Member of Bordon Area Action Group (BAAG)

Marilyn highlights her concerns for the Bordon Eco Town with regards to how it will affect the environment and local wildlife and does not feel Bordon is the appropriate place for this size of development due to the amount of land available.

Peter Parkinson - Local resident and Committee Member of Bordon Area Action Group (BAAG)

Peter discusses his reasons for not supporting the Bordon Eco Town plan with reference to the Council failing to respond to questions from local residents and the motives behind the plans. He compares Bordon to other areas in Europe where eco towns have been developed and talks about the lack of infrastructure within Bordon which is unlikely to cope with 15,000 new residents.


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