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Bordon Eco Town Interview with District Councillor

On Saturday 24th April 2010, Spectacle visited the small town of Bordon in East Hampshire to speak to local residents and councillors about the proposed Eco-town development.

The plans consist of 5000 new dwellings in Bordon built to meet the Government's criteria on 'Eco-towns' as set out in the Planning Policy Statement in July 2009.
The following interview is with the District Councillor in the area who discusses the Eco Town proposal.

You can see the Masterplan here as laid out by East Hampshire Council.

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Ian Dowdle - District Councillor

Ian was the first portfolio holder when the Eco Town bid was being put together and feels the concept is a good idea but does pose challenges in practice. He discusses the reasons for Bordon being chosen as an Eco Town location and also the aspects of the plan open to change due to the election and recession. Ian understand some of the locals concerns as the proposal raises a lot of questions and issues for the local area.


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