Battersea Power Station

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Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station Plan 08

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Spectacle has been following the story of Battersea Power Station, as it is handed from one developer to another, each submitting plan after plan for the iconic building’s future and interim ‘repairs’

With archive dating back to 1978 and interviews with Battersea Power Station Community Group members (with whom Spectacle have a close working relationship), London Assembly member Richard Tracy and Lord Alf Dubs.

Much of this can be found on the Battersea Power Station project page

Please check the Battersea Power Station Blog Posts for current information on on the story.

To object to the Planning Applications, deadline 31st January 2010

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One thought on “Battersea Power Station

  1. I think the aspiration tube link is a ruse to not provide affordable housing or any other service such as school, health centre or adequate parks. The cost of the tube tunnel and 2 stations has been assessed at between ¬£500 million and ¬£billion but there is no one actually offering to pay. There is various talk of the usual suspects Arab sheiks, Sovereign Funds, levy on all potential users, taxpayers. The Americans do not need or want a tube station and are adamant that they will not contribute a nickel to the scheme. The Embassy site was chosen partly because there is no tube tunnel under the proposed Embassy and this would appear to rule out 2 routes. Even if the tube tunnel could thread its way through the 60 metre deep foundations which is the depth to solid ground. In the words of a Times article 11.06.10 “check back in 2065”. How is a layman supposed to be able to give an educated response to an engineering problem most people have no idea about. Why is the developer of one site doing the consultation when it will pass under many homes and businesses in several boroughs? The REO surveys have unbieveable numbers in favour of their development proposals, at 82% taken as an aggregate over 3 seperate consultation exercises. It is possible to walk from Vauxhall underground station to Battersea power station in about 15 minutes there are two reliable bus services and there is Battersea Park station and Queenstown Road station within 10 minutes walk. The only reason for the aspirational tube which even on REO Real Estates Opportunities (does what it says)timeframe will not be built till after the rest of the massive overdevelopment proposal for 3,700 flats and a million sq ft (about) of shopping in the power station building is finished in 2020

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