Battersea Power Station demolition by stealth gets council go ahead

Tonight, with only one vote against, the London Borough of Wandsworth’s Planning Committee gave the green light for the demolition by stealth of Battersea Power Station by approving the chimneys are removed and (maybe?) replaced and the total destruction of the Victorian Pumping Station as predicted. Condemning north Battersea to another 15 years of urban blight.  But take heart there are still many rivers to cross (for the developers) and many opportunities along the way for us to propose more imaginative uses and to prove that urban planning by speculation is not viable or in the public interest.

For a full report read the review by Spectacle’s theatre critic BabyLonDon

“An absolute triumph”

Coming soon… details of our photographic competition: Soon to be Lost Views of Battersea Power Station

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One thought on “Battersea Power Station demolition by stealth gets council go ahead

  1. I would like to see the line extended west to stotians at Albert Bridge Road, Kings Road Chelsea and thenjoining the District line to Wimbledon at Walham Green just nprth of Parsons Green.Crossrail 2 could then take the shorter central tunnel alignment the Southern Region LSWR Mainline from Wimbldon to Vauxhall before striking north to Farringdon ,Dalston Junction, Stratford, Epping and Stansted.

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