Belfast racist attacks parallel Rostock

The events in Belfast over the last month bear strong parallels with events in Rostock, Germany, in 1992.

In Rostock in August 1992 police withdrew while the homes of Vietnamese guest workers were petrol bombed and held under siege by neo-Nazis. In the last month over 100 Roma migrants have been driven from their homes by a series of racist attacks and intimidation. In the last few days the The Observer has reported that several explosives have been discovered that were intended to be used in further racist attacks.

The film The Truth Lies in Rostock (Spectacle 1993) gives an inside account of the events that took place in Germany interviewing anti-fascists, locals, police and neo-Nazis to find out how the siege was allowed to happen. This is vital viewing for all anti-fascists trying to understand events in Northern Ireland.

To order a copy of the The Truth Lies in Rostock and watch the trailer visit our Catalogue page.

To view an edit of Spectacle’s Council of Europe anti-discrimination film please the Project Page

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