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Are You In A Bad State?

A situationist take on the state and life in general, with the same incisive and easily understandable analysis we all know and love from the ‘Spectacular Times’ creator the late Larry Law. Please get in touch using our contact form if you would like to screen this film publicly. DVDs can be purchased from the […]

Battersea Power Station: Selling An Icon

Battersea Power Station: Selling an Icon tells the story of the Power Station from its prominence as a site of industrial power through years of dereliction, speculation and planning blight to the replacement of the chimneys under the current scheme. Filmed over 15 years, Spectacle’s new documentary follows the grassroots campaigns of Battersea Power Station Community […]

Battle of Trafalgar

An account of the anti-poll tax demonstration on 31st March 1990, one that is radically different from that presented by TV news. Eyewitnesses tell their stories against a backdrop of video footage showing the days events as they unfolded. Demonstrators’ testimonies raise some uncomfortable questions: questions about public order policing, the independence and accountability of […]

Bleacher on the Rye

The film shows a range of opinions from residents and local businesses who oppose the negative impact of this insensitive and greedy plan. Spectacle has been observing and documenting the so called “regeneration” of London over the past 20 years, which has largely resulted in the displacement of local people, the break up of communities, […]

Call It Sleep

Call It Sleep is the first visual work produced in the United States which makes use of the situationist technique of detournement – the devaluation and reuse of present and past cultural production to form a superior theoretical and practical unity. Call It Sleep is based on material drawn from the most prevalent means of […]

Call me Josse / Appelez-moi Josse / Noem mij Josse

A “Josse”, des habitants (jeunes et moins jeunes, deux artistes sans statut et un curieux Anglais) prennent la caméra pour filmer ce que d’autres habitants pensent des contrats de quartiers lancés dans la commune. Le résultat est un document critique mais plein d’humour, qui dépasse un questionnement strictement urbanistique et témoigne d’autres préoccupations tels que […]

Cité Admin

With its 6 hectares of concrete and its tower of 140 meters, the ‘Cité Administrative’ is a beautiful example of the way the theories of private architecture were applied to public buildings. Built in the 1950’s to accommodate 140,000 civil servants: The Cité Administrative was an incarnation, by its scale and its modernity, of the […]

Class X

Despite its tabloid title the series “Unteachables” was a very well received contribution to the debate on education and exclusion. Shot on the Silwood estate, Rotherhithe, South East London, and in Stockwell & Kennington South West London, these clips were produced in Spectacle workshops by 11 to 15 year olds on the theme of education. The workshops […]

Community Video


A music video devised, acted and made by Marsh Farm Community members about the effects of Crack on their lives and community with music by Phi-Life Cypher.