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Spectacle specialises in facilitating Participatory Video (PV) workshops aiming to give participants the tools to speak for and among themselves through video.

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Silwood Video Group – Volume 3

Life on the estate: Father Lucas Jacci’s Tour My Walk Home Silwood Water Colours Video Viewing

Silwood Video Group – Volume 2

More films by Silwood residents from ‘London in Six Easy Steps’ instalation at I.C.A. Regeneration Exhibition. Architects talking Architect Introduction 1’36” / Architect and councillor 2’37” / Tower blocks 5’28” / Colin Smith and Consultant 3’25” Interviews Anne Yates 2’11” / Jackie Rose Low, Green, Clean and the Olympic Pool. 5’10” / Social housing On […]

Silwood Video Group – Volume 1

Environment Silwood Video Group: Work in progress 2001 13’49” Lambourne House: Vicki, talks of how it feels to have her home of 30 years “soft demolished” around her ears. 2’44” Not my business: Inspired by the man in the spotless house who dumped his fridge outside his neighbours house. 0’48” Vicki’s Rubbish film: Bin abuse. […]

Quand les papiers arrivent…

Make yourself comfortable. Give yourself a few minutes to listen to what these people would like to tell us. This film is a succession of portraits of ‘Paperless’ people. The ‘Paperless’, the ex-‘Paperless’  and also their Belgian loved-ones answer the main question- “When the papers arrive, what would change in your lives? ” All of […]

Olympic Stories: Clays Lane

Clays Lane housing co-operative, situated in the future Olympic Village in Newham, is facing an inevitable eviction. This is the story of Clays Lane residents and their claim for fair treatment. Please get in touch using our contact form if you would like to screen this film publicly.

La Vérité Ment à Rostock

Please get in touch using our contact form if you would like to screen this film publicly.

Je vous salis, ma rue

Rue Laeken, the inhabitants and local workers reflect on the gentrification of their neighbourhood, situated between the freshly renovated KVS theatre and the new National Theatre. Produced in a Spectacle/PTTL open workshop Please get in touch using our contact form if you would like to screen this film publicly. DVDs can be purchased from the […]

It’s a Journey

A drawing, photo and video project at Stockwell Park School where a group of year 10 pupils, with many languages between them from all over the world discuss what the word journey means to them. All camera work done by pupils, edit in collaboration with pupils. Please get in touch using our contact form if […]

Die Wahrheit liegt in Rostock

Im August 1992 griff ein Mob aus Anwohner_innen und Nazis vier Tage lang die „Zentrale Aufnahmestelle für Asylbewerber“ (ZaST) im Rostocker Stadtteil Lichtenhagen an. Begeisterte und applaudierende Deutsche machten aus dem brutalen Pogrom ein rassistisches Volksfest, auf dem sie weitgehend ungestört von der Polizei den Wahn eines „Deutschlands nur für Deutsche“ realisieren konnten. Es grenzt […]


A music video devised, acted and made by Marsh Farm Community members about the effects of Crack on their lives and community with music by Phi-Life Cypher.