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Silwood Video Group – Volume 2
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Silwood Video Group – Volume 2
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Released in 2005

Compilation of films produced by the Rotherhithe based Silwood Video Group over the past 5 years. The Silwood estate has experienced a massive Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) project where £72 million pounds has been spent over the past 6 years. The Silwood Video Group, with more than 25 members from a wide range of age and ethnic backgrounds have been both documenting and seeking to positively influence the changes the changes to their environment.


More films by Silwood residents from ‘London in Six Easy Steps’ instalation at I.C.A.
Regeneration Exhibition.

Architects talking
Architect Introduction 1’36” / Architect and councillor 2’37” / Tower blocks 5’28” / Colin Smith and Consultant 3’25”

Anne Yates 2’11” / Jackie Rose Low, Green, Clean and the Olympic Pool. 5’10” / Social housing On LDDC money and end of social housing. 3’22” / Mrs Platts On domino effect of development and divided community. 3’18″/ Moving out Break up of community through people moving out through decantings or the cost of living. 1’48” / Silwood scheme 5’56” / Survey 1’52” / Drawing 1’17” / Public Amenities 4’13” / Lisa Rajah Councillor’s concerns over piecemeal development & lack of regional plan. 3’52”

Life on the estate
Snow 1’58” / Where is the Community Center? 12’00” / Demolition 7’52”

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