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Silwood Video Group – Volume 1
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Silwood Video Group – Volume 1
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Released in 2005

Compilation of films produced by the Rotherhithe based Silwood Video Group over the past 5 years. The Silwood estate has experienced a massive Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) project where £72 million pounds has been spent over the past 6 years. The Silwood Video Group, with more than 25 members from a wide range of age and ethnic backgrounds have been both documenting and seeking to positively influence the changes the changes to their environment.

Silwood Video Group: Work in progress 2001 13’49”
Lambourne House: Vicki, talks of how it feels to have her home of 30 years “soft demolished” around her ears. 2’44”
Not my business: Inspired by the man in the spotless house who dumped his fridge outside his neighbours house. 0’48”
Vicki’s Rubbish film: Bin abuse. 3’12”
Ese and Helen 2004: The last residents left in their block before it is demolished. 9’00”

Life on the estate
LOOP: (Lifestyle Opportunities for Older People). A Silwood group produce their own recruitment and fund raising video 10’25”
Workshop moments: A selection of clips from Silwood Video Group workshops 2004-5. 5’37”
Youth facilities: The sad story of the Silwood Youth Centre, demolished and not replaced during SRB. 6’58”
Pea souper: Shirley reminisces about her childhood and describes her walk home through a London fog from Elephant & Castle to Deptford, by smell. 4’18”

Poems: Beverlyn, films and interview.
Moving on 1’43” / Let it rain 1’16” / Beverlyn interview 2’23” / Alive 0’51” / More passion 0’24” / Melancholy 0’51” / Own language 0’45” / Inspiration 0’33” / Time to move on 1’45”

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