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Joi Bangla
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Joi Bangla
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Released in 1986

Joi Bangla’s first music video produced at Despite TV when they were still without a recording contract.

Originally intended for the Local Band slot of the Despite TV magazine, but was never released. This is the full twenty minute version.

In 1983 Haroon and Farook Shamsher conceived a collective under the name Joi Bangla, shortened from the ‘League of Joi Bangla Youth Organisation’, which was set up to promote Bengali culture to local kids. Mixing up traditional Bengali music with James Brown riffs and funky breakbeats on a regular basis at various underground parties, they quickly established themselves as the best DJs and party organisers in the East End.

This film can be viewed on our Vimeo-On-Demand page as part of the Despite TV Library.

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    Despite TV/
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    Joi Bangla/